Differences between Brokers and agents or brokers of stock exchange

In the world of the finance, the terms "broker" and "agent or runner's bag" are constantly confused.
In principle, them "brokers" are people that operate under the orders of them customers of the company that them hire. The agent of bag, instead, performed functions of advice financial to its customers, besides to work by has own. The terms are confused since many "brokers" also exert an advisory function, which are tasks of the agents.

"brokers" are people who are in charge of the procedures of buying and selling through the stock exchange. His compensation is based on commissions, receiving a certain percentage of the money invested. And always have as a reference tariffs.

"brokers" are the only people who can buy and sell shares. Not just a private person wants to invest its capital in shares. It could not do so because it is not authorized. For this reason, all investors (traders) have to go to the "brokers", who carry out such operations.

The brokers, on the other hand, advise and advise in the purchase of stocks or bonds that are listed on the stock exchange. One can say that they are intermediaries between companies that put their actions to the sale, i.e., sellers, and buyers, who are those who want to make a profit on their membership dues and are always looking for a rapprochement between the parties (seller and buyer) so that it translates into a good negotiation. For this reason, they tend to be sellers seekers to stock brokers, buyers get to make a good business. In addition, made difficult tasks of advising both parties so that everything goes under a legal framework and that both parties leave satisfied and benefit with the negotiation.

"brokers" can perform many functions and act in many different ways. The best-known is the sought-after intermediaries, although they can also search parties, doing a job that is very similar to the of the brokers, with the exception of multiplying its functions since "brokers" have a greater ability to maneuver.

To conclude and to make as clear as possible, we will say that a broker is a person who has extensive knowledge of business and finance, which will be used for consultants to sellers and buyers; and is the "broker" who acts as an intermediary between the business, through the actions, and the market, obeying orders. I.e., one complements the other, and if we want to do good business, we must not lose sight either of the two.