Forex and the role of women in business

Women have better qualities when it comes to doing business

Women have some qualities that make them best traders, although they will need two decades to see the women to take a greater role in the financial world.

Life is a constant change, or rather, a progress. Today women work more and are very comfortable with his new role in society.

Women today are more involved with the business, I think that everything is based on the evolution since they have expanded the level of knowledge in terms of financial investment and the macroeconomic vision of the world.

Women enjoy his new role as entrepreneurs

Women of today grow with two objectives in mind: the first is that, outside which was work that had, the family would always be the priority. The second objective is to work on something that really liked and like to do many different things.

Women and their success in Forex trading
Women's success kept her mind running at high speed. Certainly there is some routine, as is the case in any other work, but changes in the market, the macro developments and the need to stay abreast of what is happening in the world is a challenge that pleasantly assume daily since they have an infinite and contagious energy and are always one step ahead in almost all which also pushes them to be alert 24 hours a day, it seems that they also had a marriage with the foreign exchange market and manage very well to combine work and private life

Example of a woman's success in the Forex market in your everyday life:

 "I wake up around 4 o'clock in the morning and I'm going to my desk to see the graphics, leo news and see the economic calendar. At 7 am I'm aware of what is happening in the day and I have already made my analysis. Then I wake up at my family, I send girls to school and my husband to work, so I have until noon to focus on the market. When you close London, I take a break, pick up the girls and we eat together. At the end of the session for US. UU, again to be in the market for a little more than 3 hours. I work about 11 hours a day, but I don't live to work. I work to live, and that makes a difference in my personal life. I think that when you have your well defined goals in life, you only have to go for them. It is the best way to balance your personal and professional life. Make plans, do not leave things to chance and build my family on solid principles of love and respect makes it easier to have a career without one thing clash with each other. •”

Differences between men and women in the Trading?

Ego: the worst enemy of the operators, for many men lose one operation is much like losing their virility and they have not understood that the fact of losing is not a reason for revenge. You can not take revenge with the market because if you try it, you're doomed to failure.
In the currency market, women tend to be more humble. And they have more easily when it comes to perform different tasks at the same time, which is precisely what requires the market most of the time. Women are also much more persistent when they have clear a goal and do not be discourage as easily as men.

During these years more women have joined the financial world

Although in recent years it has been growing the number of women operating Forex, the proportion it still shows a male majority. Seems to be that it will take a couple of decades see the women to take a greater role in the financial world.