All Forex operations take place through trade in currency pairs.

Currency pairs trading volume chart

Knowing the Forex currency pairs

Since the market Forex is always of measure the value of a currency in concrete facing it to another, all the operations of Forex have place through the trade of pairs of currencies.

Today, we can affirm that are seven pairs of currencies that occupy the 85% of the volume total of operations Forex:

* Euro versus dollar American (EUR / USD) 

* Dollar American versus Yen Japanese (USD / JPY)

* Pound sterling versus dollar American (GBP / USD)

* Australian dollar versus the US dollar (AUD/USD)

* U.S. dollar vs. Swiss franc (USD/CHF)

* U.S. dollar versus the Canadian dollar (USD/CAD)

* Dollar New Zealand versus dollar American (NZD / USD)

If you stop to study this list earlier for a moment, two things can seem clear:

1. One is that the countries shown in this list of currency pairs represent some of the most important economies. For example in countries like Germany, France through the use of the Euro are reflected.

2. The other is that the dollar American is part of all of them seven pairs older reflected in the list, doing that is the dollar, the currency more operated in the world of the trade of coins.

Why this list of seven pairs of currencies and that it does so important?

The currency most operated

Most operated currencies the reason of these seven currency pairs are considered to be the "majors" or "pairs older" is simple: the strength of their economies.

Whereas the contributions that represent each country made a report in 2010 we have the following:

* USD / TRY Lira Turkey

* USD/SEK Swedish krona

* USD/SGD Singapore dollar

* USD / ZAR the rand South African

* USD / MXN weight Mexican.

* USD / HKD dollar Hong Kong

* USD/THB Thai baht

The problem facing any trader who wants to operate this type of currency, is that it can be exposed to moments in which the spread goes off (the distance between "BID" and "ASK") with what can risk trading operation profitability according to that time, these currency pairs agree to be thoroughly studied by the trader in order to avoid surprises.

Them crosses in them pairs of currencies, another form of operate in the Forex 

Finally, there are pairs of badges that not include in any of the operations to the dollar American. The name of currency "cross" is that the operations are cross directly without considering in principle to the US dollar.

Here are some examples of crosses of currency pairs:

Euro vs. pound sterling (EUR / GBP)

Canadian dollar vs. Japanese Yen (CAD/JPY)

Dollar Australian versus franc Swiss (AUD / CHF)

Euro versus Yen Japanese (EUR / JPY)

Pound sterling versus franc Swiss (GBP / CHF)

Franco Swiss versus Yen Japanese (CHF / JPY)