Definition Of Broker Online Trading

A broker is a person or a company that is dedicated to operate in the financial market, in this case in the FOREX, performing to its customers under the orders of those.

While an agent can work buying and selling currency for your customer or for himself, which can i.e. Act on their own or by how much of others, a broker only works for others running of buy and sell orders and charging a Commission for it.

In addition, the broker offers a brokerage executing orders, and agent lends an added advisory service and a wider knowledge of the market.

However, the terms are often confused, and a broker is identified with an agent. This is because many brokers perform functions of agents recommendation or advice. In Spanish, the term broker is equivalent to broker (financial broker, stock broker, broker FOREX, etc.). Therefore, the broker is the authorized element to mediate between the investor and the foreign exchange market. The latter pay commissions for intermediation services, which correspond to the payment of the know-how or know-how of the broker and its license to operate in the market.

As other financial markets, the Forex only can intervene directly licensed brokers and agents.