In Colombia, the Prosecutor's office and the media present investment in forex as something illegal

Investing in Forex is not a crime

In Colombia, the Prosecutor's office and the media present investment in forex as something illegal, as a crime, which is of course not, because forex is nothing more than a huge global currency market where are sold and buy badges, so illegal to buy or sell shares in any of its forms.

What happened in the past, and that is still going on, it is that many people were fooled, but not for the forex market, but by criminals that captured money from people promising to invest in forex and generate high yields but invested in forex but stole it is, but not why the forex market is an illegal market , nor a black-market, although a poorly regulated market.

Who invests in forex without the necessary knowledge, and the temple that it requires, runs a great risk of losing your money, but will lose it because it has made a bad decision, but not because they have stolen it.

The forex market is speculative

Where a person buys or sells a currency with the hope of making money with the variation of the price of that currency, but if the result is contrary to that expected, the money is lost.

It's as simple as who buys an apartment waiting for this is value to sell it at one higher price, but it turns out that instead of winning value, the apartment ends up using less, which implies the loss of money, and that does not make that you purchase and apartment for sale is illegal but a risk investment.

Forex has bad image to the Colombian authorities

Because it has been used by unscrupulous to defraud people without training, naive, prey to greed, and it tends to be used for money laundering, but still in Colombia invest in forex is not a crime, albeit a little prestige and high-risk investment and therefore who invests in forex is not a criminal and the media and the public prosecutor should not present it as such.