The opening hours of the Forex market at Christmas

Dates and hours of the forex special

As we are on special dates also I wanted to show in the article the dates that usually close the recruitment in the foreign exchange market

Holiday periods and the FOREX 


Closed 24 h from 24/12-23:00 to 23:00 25/12-

New Year's Eve:

Closed 24 h from 23:00 31/12 until 23:00 01/01

Perhaps the few days that the currency market a breath is taken before returning to the fray.

An of them thematic more important about the market of Forex (FOREX) is the domain of the time of negotiation and associate it to periods of maximum volume of negotiation. 

Thanks to the knowledge of the schedules of the forex, the trader or investor that act in the market of badges can be more familiar with them changes of volatility of the quote.

Is important for them traders locate these periods of time and find the point height where is produce more contracts of currency through the tracking of the schedules of the forex.

He market of foreign exchange, or forex, is is open and available for which it want to, them 24 hours of the day.

This is why traders can operate at any time, either during the day or night from anywhere in the world.

The best time to trade forex is when the market is more active and when superimposed schedules of major global financial centers.

Therefore it is there when most traders trade at the same time. This is the opportunity to take advantage of them movements in the market of currency and thus generate gains significant.